Exclusive Egyptian items to purchase in Cairo

Couple destinations on the planet have such a abundant and productive cultural heritage as Egypt. Pharaonic, Greek, Roman and European durations of influence and spiritual and ethnic variety have left a legacy of magnificent artisans and craftsmen. This tends to make present-day Egypt a paradise for buyers.

Of course the key attraction for tourists would be the legacy of Ancient Egypt and plenty of workshops, both massive and small are focused on developing devoted reproductions of Pharaonic artefacts. Of such jewellery is the most popular - staying not just lovely and unusual but in addition exceptionally portable. Quite a few guests choose a personalised Egyptian cartouche necklace that may be created to get in silver or gold. The Egyptian ankh necklace or ‘key of daily life’ might be the most recognisable Pharaonic symbol and A further favourite with buyers as It's really a nicely-beloved amulet which spans cultures.

Egyptian silver jewellery generally speaking is excellent price. The extent of craftsmanship is substantial and the selection is very extensive, together with Pharaonic designs the souks are packed with bedouin, Coptic, fellahi, Islamic, Nubian and modern day parts.

In case your luggage isn’t limited then bedouin rugs make wonderful souvenirs to consider residence. Woven ankh jewelry in flatweave on floor looms by Women of all ages in bedouin communities across the Western desert and Sinai these rugs are excellent on the ground or to the wall. The putting Main colour palette using a predominance of purple and black make bedouin rugs putting additions to any inside.
If you prefer your Visit Our site textiles to become of carry-on measurement and also a lesser price tag then a handwoven cotton scarf could match the more info Invoice. Woven in Upper Egypt in the rainbow of colors and a broad preference of sizes a cotton scarf tends to make an excellent present or possibly a take care of to self.
So dive in the souk or stop by amongst Cairo’s many independent craft boutiques to order your name on a personalised cartouche necklace, have that Egyptian ankh necklace and silver bracelet gift-wrapped and select a type of magnificent bedouin rugs around a glass or two of mint tea…..

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